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Welcome To my Knife Sharpening Service

Knife Sharpening Service Across Cornwall


Traditional Stone Sharpening With Modern Guided Precision

  • Low Impact
  • No Abrasive Wheels
  • Less Blade Consumption
  • Environmentally Friendly 

Wusthof Products

Wusthof have been producing high quality chefs knives and accessories since 1814, and to this day remain owned by the Wusthof family.

Please text or email me for prices. (minimum age 18 to buy knives)

My Services

What I offer

Knife Sharpening

Knife and scissor sharpening service at customers premises or at workshop (social distancing observed)
The health and safety executive states that knives should be kept sharp.
A sharp knife is a good friend a blunt knife is dangerous.
The equipment I use is a lot less aggressive than using abrasive wheels. The equipment can be adjusted to give a consistent and correct bevel on the blade.
Another advantage of this system is that it is lightweight and hand portable which means that I can visit catering premises in town centres and sharpen onsite.
  Stockist of Wusthof Classic Knives, please contact me for details. (minimum age 18)

sharpening knives

With 20 years knife sharpening experience, your knives are in safe hands.

The reason for sharpening knives or grinding knives as it is sometimes known are:

1.    Knives are safer and more enjoyable to use.

2.    Better cost control.

3.    A blunt knife slows you down.

4.    Better presentation of food.

5.    Less damage to food.

knife safety

I don’t sharpen lock knives, butterfly knives, penknives over 3″ blade or any banned knives.

It is an offence to carry a knife in public without good reason.
If bringing knives to me for sharpening place them in the boot of a car (not on the front seat)
If carrying them by hand make sure they are well wrapped and not likely to cause injury.
Reason for carrying knives – TO HAVE THEM PROFESSIONALLY SHARPENED. 

The Health and safety executive states knives should be kept sharp. A Sharp knife is a good friend a blunt knife is dangerous.